Welcome to a captivating exploration of the magical intersection between anime art and celestial beauty! Today, we dive into the enchanting world where imagination meets the canvas under a starlit sky, inspired by the legendary stylings of Yoshitaka Amano. But what makes this journey truly unique is the addition of a modern twist – utilizing advanced AI technology, specifically the AI Genie iOS app, to breathe life into ethereal portraits of celestial beings.

The prompt we used to create an awe-inspiring image using stable diffusion in the AI Genie app was:

Ethereal portrait of a celestial being, outdoor setting with starry sky, cool blue and purple tones, 35mm lens, bokeh background, art inspired by the Yoshitaka Amano aspect:2:3 style:anime.

This prompt not only sets the scene but also intricately details the mood, setting, and artistic inspiration behind the piece. Now, let’s uncover the layers behind this prompt and how it contributes to crafting visuals that transport viewers to an otherworldly realm.

Decoding the Prompt: An Artistic Blueprint

The components of our chosen prompt serve as a blueprint for creating images that encapsulate the ethereal quality and essence of celestial beings. Here’s a deeper look into each element:

  • Ethereal Portrait of a Celestial Being: This phrase sets the tone for the artwork, aiming to capture the transcendent and otherworldly nature of its subject.
  • Outdoor Setting with Starry Sky: The backdrop of a starry sky not only enhances the celestial theme but also adds a layer of depth and infinity to the composition.
  • Cool Blue and Purple Tones: These colors are chosen for their cool serenity and ability to evoke a mystical or ethereal atmosphere, perfectly complementing the celestial theme.
  • 35mm Lens: The mention of a 35mm lens suggests a desire for a natural field of view, with emphasis on realism within the fantastical.
  • Bokeh Background: A bokeh effect creates a softly out-of-focus background, emphasizing the subject and adding to the dreamlike quality of the image.
  • Art Inspired by Yoshitaka Amano: By channeling the iconic style of Yoshitaka Amano, the artwork ties itself to a lineage of anime art that is both intricate and ethereal.

Yoshitaka Amano: A Master’s Influence

Yoshitaka Amano’s impact on the world of anime and beyond cannot be overstated. His distinctive style—marked by wispy, ethereal figures and fantastical themes—serves as a profound inspiration for artists exploring the intersection of anime and celestial imagery. By incorporating his visual language into AI-generated artwork, creators pay homage to a master while pushing the boundaries of digital artistry.

Bringing Celestial Beings to Life with AI

The process of translating artistic vision into digital form has been revolutionized by AI. The AI Genie app, in particular, empowers artists to input specific prompts, like the one detailed above, to autogenerate images that align with their creative intents. This marks a thrilling evolution in how art is conceived and brought to fruition, making the once tedious tasks of capturing ethereal beauty as seamless as whispering into the wind.


Our journey through the stars and beyond, under the guidance of Yoshitaka Amano’s spirit and powered by the capabilities of AI, demonstrates the limitless potential of creative expression. The fusion of traditional artistic inspiration with cutting-edge technology not only pays respect to the masters of yesteryears but also paves the way for future generations of artists to explore realms unbounded by the physical world.

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ethereal portrait of a (celestial being:1.2), (outdoor setting with starry sky:1.3), (cool blue and purple tones:1.2), (35mm lens:1.3), (bokeh background:1.25), art inspired by the (yoshitaka amano:1.3) aspect:2:3 style:anime

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