Welcome to the mesmerizing world of anime illustration, where the blend of watercolor nuances and the precision of traditional techniques come alive to portray captivating portraits. Today, we delve into an extraordinary collaborative piece that draws upon the talents of renowned artists Juan Gimenez, Atey Ghailan, and Sachin Teng. This anime portrait not only exhibits the breathtaking beauty of the subject but also showcases the incredible intricacy of colored hair under the interplay of hard shadows and vibrant rim lights, all achieved using watercolor on traditional material.

The inspiration behind this astonishing artwork sprang from a highly creative and descriptive prompt: 1girl, beautiful intricate colored hair, Anime portrait of young woman, hard shadows and strong rim light, watercolour, traditional material, art by Juan Gimenez and Atey Ghailan and Sachin Teng, {{ flat color }}. This prompt served as the guiding star for the artists, enabling them to conjure an image that transcends the ordinary and invites viewers into a world etched in both reality and fantasy.

Exploring the Fusion of Traditional Art and AI

The intersection of traditional art techniques with the capabilities of AI provides an expansive canvas for artists to explore and innovate. By integrating the distinctly human touch of watercolor paintings with the computational creativity of AI, artists like Gimenez, Ghailan, and Teng are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in art creation. Here’s how they achieved it:

  • Starting with a vivid prompt, they envisioned the intricate details of their subject, from the unique color palette to the intensity of the lighting.
  • The traditional watercolor medium added depth and a sense of tangibility to the digital creation.
  • AI tools, such as the AI Genie app, allowed for translating these complex ideas into visually stunning pieces of art.

The Highlights of the Artwork

The artwork is a testament to the seamless blend of diverse elements:

  • Beautiful Intricate Colored Hair: The detail in the hair’s coloration and texture exemplifies the meticulous care and creativity embedded in the piece.
  • Hard Shadows and Strong Rim Light: These elements accentuate the intensity and emotional depth of the portrait, highlighting the artist’s skill in manipulating light and shadow.
  • Watercolor Technique: The use of watercolor lends the artwork a softness that contrasts beautifully with the sharpness of the shadows, creating a multifaceted visual experience.


This collaborative artwork stands as a profound example of how traditional art methods and AI can come together to create something truly groundbreaking. The combined talents of Juan Gimenez, Atey Ghailan, and Sachin Teng, guided by a carefully crafted prompt, have brought to life a portrait that is both evocative and ethereal.

Join the Community

We invite you to dive into the fascinating world of AI-generated art. Share your own prompts and experiences with the AI Genie app and engage with a community of like-minded individuals. Whether you’re an aspiring artist or an appreciator of fine art, there’s a place for you to explore, learn, and contribute. Here, your creativity knows no bounds, and every prompt has the potential to become the next masterpiece.

Feel inspired? Start experimenting with AI Genie today and who knows? Maybe your creation will be the subject of our next feature. Happy creating!


1girl, beautiful intricate colored hair, Anime portrait of young woman, hard shadows and strong rim light, watercolour, traditional material, art by juan giminez and atey ghailan and sachin teng, {{ flat color }}

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