Welcome to the mesmerizing realm where creativity meets cutting-edge technology, exploring an image that seems to have leaped straight out of a science fiction fantasy. This unique piece, a brainchild of Federico Pelat and Jan Urschel, showcases a man encased in a landscape of brown mountains, foregrounding a colossal sci-fi cyborg tower with jaw-dropping mechanical and sci-fi elements. The image’s hyper-realistic and cinematic composition, bathed in sunlight and boasting an insane level of detail, draws us into a world that’s both alien and familiar. With the ArtStation HQ as the canvas, this creation was brought to life by a simple prompt that reads: “A man surrounded by brown mountains with huge sci-fi cyborg robotic tower with intricate mechanical and sci-fi details, insane level of details, high contrast, sunshine, hyper realistic, cinematic composition, by Federico Pelat and Jan Urschel.”

Behind the Scene: The Creation Process

Turning such a detailed and ambitious prompt into a visual masterpiece involves a seamless fusion of imagination and artificial intelligence (AI). The beauty of AI in artistry lies in its ability to visualize and create visuals that might take human hands weeks, if not months. No brushes or palettes are required—just the right combination of words. Federico Pelat and Jan Urschel’s proficiency in manipulating AI tools to breathe life into their visions is nothing short of magical. This process underscores the limitless possibilities of AI in enhancing creative expression.

Breaking Down the Elements

The artwork’s intricate details deserve a closer inspection:

  • The Man: At the heart of the composition, the figure stands as a testament to humanity amidst the mech-infested landscape.
  • The Cyborg Tower: Dominating the scene, this structure’s design embodies the pinnacle of sci-fi engineering, inspiring awe and wonder.
  • The Landscape: The desolate, yet hauntingly beautiful terrain sets the perfect stage for this post-apocalyptic narrative.
  • Lighting and Contrast: The masterful use of sunlight and shadows amplifies the depth and realism of the scene, inviting the viewer to step into this world.

Navigating the Future of Art with AI

The collaboration of Federico Pelat and Jan Urschel with AI tools, such as the AI Genie iOS app, marks a new horizon in the domain of digital art. AI’s role in facilitating the translation of human imagination into visual narratives is transformative. It’s a testament to the evolving partnership between human originality and machine efficiency.


The artwork is a vivid illustration of the potential that AI holds in pushing the boundaries of creativity and imagination. It captures not just the aesthetics but the very essence of a sci-fi world, making it a beacon for aspiring artists and enthusiasts looking to explore the synergy between artistry and artificial intelligence.

Join the Creative Revolution

If this exploration into the hyper-realistic sci-fi world of Federico Pelat and Jan Urschel has sparked your curiosity, we invite you to dive deeper. Share your thoughts, prompts, and experiences with us and become part of a community eager to explore the frontiers of AI-driven creativity. Whether it’s through the AI Genie app or engaging with fellow enthusiasts, your journey into the realms of imagination is just beginning.

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A man surrounded by brown mountains with huge sci-fi cyborg robotic tower with intricate mechancial and sci-fi details, insane level of details, high contrast, sunshine, hyper realistic, cinematic, composition, by Federico Pelat and Jan Urschel, artstation HQ

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